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Box Buddies has a quick and easy solution to solve all of your storage woes!

Let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

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How It Works

Just give us a call and we will handle the rest!

At Box Buddies we take the hassle out of storing your personal belongings. With the help of Box Buddies we will make all of your packing and storage needs quick and easy. We offer standard sized packing boxes that we store in our 24-hour surveillance facility. To ensure you have a stress free experience, we offer box delivery and pickup services. Call us for any of your storage inquiries. Let's become box buddies today!

Standard Box Pricing


Box Buddies currently offers standard, plastic storage boxes for rent.

Our boxes measure 24” x 16” x 12” and have a volume of 2.5 cubic feet. In addition, we offer pricing plans tailored to your storage needs:


$400 per month
  • Non-Climate Controlled
  • 2.5 Cubic Feet of storage

Best Buddies

$500 per month
  • Climate Controlled
  • 2.5 Cubic Feet of storage

When your items are stored with us, you will have piece of mind knowing your belongings are being stored in a secure facility. Stick with us for 6 months or more to earn perks like a 10% discount!


If you can’t find the time to pick up or drop off your boxes, we are here to help!

We understand the chaos of everyday life! We offer pickup and delivery for your convenience.
Pickup/Delivery starting at $10.00
Contact us today to schedule a delivery!

Packing Materials


At Box Buddies we take pride in helping our customers store their goods in a safe and affordable manner!

Each of our boxes have secure eyelets to facilitate a lock, which can either be a small pad lock or even a baggage transportation lock.

Customers can utilize their own locks for their boxes or they can purchase one supplied by Box Buddies for only $3.00!

Bubble Wrap

We offer 240 square feet of bubble wrap for just $5.00!
At Box Buddies we havent forgotten about the importance of bubble wrap when packing fragile items!
Prior to delivery, let us know how much bubble wrap you will need and we will be sure to take extra care of your delicate items.

Contact Us

Let's become Box Buddies!

Phone Number:
GKF Business Park Building 6
Godfrey Nixon Way
Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands
Hours of Operation:

About Us

At Box Buddies, we take pride in making storage as simple as possible!

Lets face it, packing and storing personal belongings isn’t fun. With the help of Box Buddies we will make all of your packing and storage needs quick and easy. Simply tell us how many boxes you would like and we will deliver them to your doorstep or you can pick them up for free! Once you have filled your boxes with your belongings with your belongings, we will pick them back up or you can drop them off for free!

Our mission is to provide customers with a cost effective and convenient way to store their belongings because we envision a world where customers have more personal time to spend on what really matters, and less time worrying about choirs.

Our customer satisfaction comes first, so let’s be Box Buddies today!